Our goal is simple. Level the playing field in grain analysis. We email members Special Reports, Opinion, Analysis and More.  We don't always have a market opinion, but we are always looking for opportunities.  

Accurate.  We elect to do grain analysis correctly as opposed to quickly.  We utilize advanced software and couple it with decades of experience .   We know value resides within the details others are not willing analyze or obtain.  To this end we seek out data others don't.   We perform more crop tours than anyone else and maintain information flow with buyers and sellers across the world.   

Focus.  Grainbot has extreme focus.  We are not livestock analyst.  We are not great soybean analyst.  We have laser focus on the Corn and Wheat markets.  

Experience.  We at Grainbot have over 20 years of trading experience, most of which are focused around wheat, corn, and milo markets.  Senior Analyst Kelly Goughary brings 10 years of analytical experience to Grainbot.   Her out the of the box approach to markets is unmatched; tying together fundamental, technical, and market composition to provide a trusted view of price direction.

Track Record.  Senior Analyst Kurt Ahrens has proven himself like few have.  Kurt is hyper-competitive and hates to lose.  He has created great wealth from within the Ag space. He is a contrarian thinker who has advised the biggest names in Agriculture and works diligently to find opportunities in the corn and wheat arenas.   If you are looking for a guy who has made it by trading markets and not by commissions, look no further.  

Be Informed.  We make you better by providing a framework where you can make decisions in a much more confident and informed manner.   

Affordability.  Our cost of $119.00 per year is criminally low.  For less than $10 a month Grainbot will work to bring you value where you need it most.  We won't need a second chance to prove this will be the best money you spend each year.  We back this with a money back guarantee.  Just email kurt.ahrens@grainbot.com for a full refund and it will be issued.  Become a member today!